Grand Canyon West

The Grand Canyon was a day we got up early to beat the crowds. This was the second time we got to make it to the Grand Canyon, and going with two of our very best friends made it so much more fun.

Grand Canyon West is about two hours from Vegas. It costs 65 dollars to get in per person (55 if you get tickets in advance online at We didn’t want to drive the extra 4 hours to go to the North side (which is free). In the end we all thought it was worth the money.

When we arrived November 2nd 2019 the zipline was already closed for the season. The season goes until October 31st weather permitting.

1st Stop: Old Western Town

Learn how to lasso your husband in Grand Canyon West. 😆😂

The west side of the Grand Canyon is on Native American land. The north and the south rim are free, but on this side you have to pay. The views and experiences were worth every penny.

First stop was this old Western town. When the shuttle dropped us off immediately I laughed and thought how lame this looked. Boy am I judgemental at times… And WRONG.

We got to learn from a professional how to lasso, we experienced jail time, played a horse shoe game (no idea what it’s called), and took a trip to the undertaker.

This was all just a couple hours away from Vegas and if you arrive early you can beat the crowds.

2nd Stop: Skywalk Stop

The 2nd stop of Grand Canyon West is a bit of a let down. It is roped off around the edges so you can’t see down in to it very well. It has a small sky walk that you have to pay extra for. It is made of a glass floor that takes you out over the canyon, and unfortunately your not allowed to bring your phones to take pictures.

There are really cool huts and teepees to check out before you move on to the best stop of them all.

3rd Stop: Explore the Grand Canyon

The 3rd stop on the other hand was finally what we came for. I have so many photographs because I wanted to capture every angle of it. There is a small hike you are allowed to do which satisfied my craving for exercise.

The way the sun hits the canyon allows you to see every detail, and the Colorado River might be brown as it runs through, but it still a beauty.

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