Christmas in Chicago

Downtown Chicago knows how to celebrate Christmas. They light up many of their buildings red and green, host the best Christmas market in the United States, and they even have a 70 foot Christmas tree in the famous Millenium Park.

Christkindl Market

Visiting this European inspired market in downtown Chicago is the perfect way to get in the Christmas spirit.

We arrived later than we intended on, and man was it busy. There were kids participating in a scavenger hunt, people on their lunch break for work, and people like us that are visiting Chicago to see this market. Though you could barely move I love seeing this many people excited to see the same thing.

I got a spicy German bratwurst that I couldn’t pronounce, putting my heritage to shame. We also both devoured a jalapeno stuffed pretzel, and sipped on white apple cinnamon gluehwein.

The first time we visited Chicago we were newly dating, and we stumbled upon this market. We have intended on coming back before now, but just never made it happen even though two of our best friends live close to it. This might have to be a new yearly tradition when we can’t get out to the real European markets.

The Palmer House

Chrismas magic continues at the Palmer House.

This was a perfect way to unwind after a long day of trying to finding a coffee shop that wasn’t too busy for us to work out of (we tried at least 5 different places). Little did we know, there is WiFi and outlets to plug our laptops in to at the Palmer House so we totally should have worked there.

After everyone was done working for the day we experienced the high life in this fantastic massive bar/lounge admiring the 30 feet of Christmas tree.

This historic hotel has insane architecture. The service can be slow at peak times, but with so much to look at I was not going to complain.

Millenium Park

This is the home of the bean, skating rink and this 70 foot tall Christmas tree.

A Very Harry Christmas at Replay

A very Harry Christmas is not complete without a great group of friends.

This pop up bar in Replay has the best drinks and fantastic Harry Potter Christmas decor. Lori always knows how to find the best spots. Replay also lets you play most of their arcade games for free.

I’m not normally a shot girl, but when something is called Dragon’s Blood, you have to try it. It is made with a perfect mixture of red velvet Bailey’s and coffee liquor. It was the most delicious shot I have ever had 😛😋.

The Buttered beer was also to die for. This is the best place to get all sugared up, and take fun pictures with your besties.

The Berghoff

If you like old supper clubs this is the place for you. The food is German inspired and phenomenal. The ambiance is lit with as many Christmas decorations as possible.

Not hungry? The Adams Street brewery is attached. You can enjoy a drink and still take in the decor.

Compass Bar

This is the place to go for woodfired pizza.

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