Experience Hawaii Volcano National Park in Two Days

We arrived in Volcano just in time to check in to our airbnb. We knew we wanted to stay in this town because it was close to the park, but also within 40 minutes of Hilo. We enjoyed one full day and one half day in the park.

If the Thurston Lava Tube and a few of the other things were open I know we would have wanted more time. September of 2019 there was no active lava flow so we will just have to go back to get the full experience.

Volcano Winery

Who knew winery’s near volcanoes and lava flows could have such diverse and delicious wine.

After a long day of seeing everything Hilo had to offer we headed back to the town of Volcano without a plan. We were not ready to go back to our Airbnb so we decided to look up breweries or winery’s to unwind. We were estatic to see that there was a winery just a couple miles from our place. 

As we walked in we enjoyed the chill atmosphere, local art, and of course a flight of wine. All of it was great but the macadamia nut honey wine stood out the most.

Kilauea Iki Hike

Volcanoes National Park and Kilauea Iki trail for the 🙌 win.

Our first day in the park we decided to hike down the crater rim and through the bottom of a crater. The last eruption was in 1959, but the solidified lava still minimally squishes and shifts under your feet.

You start this trail at the top of the crater rim, descend 400 feet through a lush rain forest, then you arrive at the bottom of the crater. Finally, follow the stacked rocks to hike to the other side of the crater.

Crater Rim Drive

After hiking the Kilauea Iki trail we decided we wanted to see more of the park by car. There are many beautiful places to stop with in over 300,000 acres of land. We drove with the top down stopping frequently to see all of the landmarks.

Holei Sea Arch

There is no doubt that the weather in Hawaii can go from full sun to pouring rain quickly. That is exactly what happened when we went to see this magical arch.

We parked about a quarter mile away and started walking. Just passed the outlook to see this arch there was a trail. We couldn’t resist and headed down the trail first. We were laughing about people in ponchos when it was not raining. Well, as you can imagine, the joke was on us as we got soaked from the rain. Immediately, we decided to turn around and head straight to the arch. We got a quick snap shot, and headed directly for a car without a selfie. Now I wish we took one because it would capture our stupidity.

Volcano House

After being soaked we decided to get a bite to eat at the Volcano House because I was starving and the snacks we brought with us were not cutting it. This is a hotel and restaurant that overlooks the crater. Damion had a change of clothes, but I did not. Luckily, you could not tell how wet I was.

Steam Vents

We had some time to kill before catching our flight. There was part of Crater Rim Drive that we didn’t see the day before. The trail to see all of the steam was short, flat, and full of lush vegetation. It made me sad that we were leaving but also helped me feel like I saw the majority of the park.

Stained Glass Cottages

We enjoyed the most amazing Airbnb just 2 miles from the park. They provided every extra including eggs from their chickens and a variety of breakfast food, snacks, heated towel racks, a patio with a water fountain and pergola that lights up at night. These guys thought of it all and then some.

On a run one of the mornings a neighborhood dog decided to trot along with us. He was friendly, soft, and sweet. It made me want to find a way to transport our pups their to live in the perfect cottage oasis every winter.

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