Cruise All Over Kona

The Big Island of Hawaii is diverse and everything is spread out. A car is necessary to see everything Kona has to offer.

Arriving back in Hawaii was a dream. We arrived at the Kona airport late at night got in our rental car and immediately made a pit stop at Taco Bell.

We had three days in Kona and we went to bed almost immediately to insure we get the most out of our time.

Kona Magic Sands Beach

Full disclosure we stayed at the apartments next to this gorgeous beach and we lay on the beach!

The Airbnb was fabulous other than the lack of air conditioning and being able to see the ocean from our place was fantastic.

Drive to Kohala and Waimea

Our first day on the Big Island was a success even though I could not keep my eyes open on our beautiful drive (good old jet lag). We ate at two delicious restaurants, and drove up Waikoloa beach drive to Waimea and Kohala.

Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park

All those black rocks are made from lava. The big petruding ones are actually made like snowballs building on itself as it flows. Can you believe this was once a village? Mother nature sure is something!

Makahi St Trailhead

Makahi St Trail was well groomed with native flowers galore. Its lush greenery made it feel as if we were in a seen of Jurassic Park. It only makes sense because we took the Jurassic trail. This trail was fairly easy and we only felt like we got lost one time.

Pu’ukohola Heiau National Historical Park

I am one strong woman, but lifting one of these stones was no joke. Think about lifting thousands of them to create this wall.

King Kamehameha the first, was known to be seven feet tall. Maybe I could do this if a grew a couple feet. But in all seriousness he built this wall the unite the Hawaiian islands. How amazing is that?

It is believed that the lava rocks used to build the structure were passed hand-by-hand in a human chain 25 miles away. They are perfectly placed, and no mortar was used to secure these rocks.

Captain Cook James Monument Hike

Captain Cook’s trail has not been maintained(as of September 2019). We got grass cuts, bug bites, and couldn’t see a thing for most of it since the grass was so tall.

I learned to read ALL of the signs before beginning the hike, and to not hike right before check out of our room.

We may not have completed all of Captain Cook, but at least we gave it a shot. Secretly, I was glad we had to turn around because I know we had at least a mile more to go and the grass was in attack mode.

Kona Eats

Kona Brewing Co has a lot of space with in the city of Kona. They also plan to open a new building up in 2020. We enjoyed the patio even though it was 90 degrees out.

Huggo’s is the best restaurant if you want to be right on the water with a relatively fancy meal. The prices are moderate, but you can see the sea life in the tide pools down below.

Kona Haven Coffee is a great spot if you want to grab a cup of coffee for the go or if you want to stay awhile. We stayed and worked. Everyone was welcoming and friendly.

Basik Cafe is a perfect quick breakfast spot. You will need to be able to climb stairs but it is worth it. While we were in town over Labor day it was closed for two days. Look it up before you make the drive to insure they will be open.

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