Fun Things to See in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a lot to offer including endless canals, pop up markets, shopping, and things to do for everyone. This is a complete guide of fun things to see in Amsterdam for beginners.

We believe it is a great first European place to travel if you are from the US. For example, most speak English as a second language making it easy to communicate. However, Amsterdam is in the Netherlands, and Dutch is the official language.

Exploring Amsterdam does not have to be visiting a ton of museums or seeing the Anne Frank house to thoroughly enjoy your time. Read below to see our suggestions starting with our favorites.

For the best two week train trip also check out the cities of Ghent, Bruges, and Paris.

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Rent a Bike

Many people that live here bike as their main form of transportation. Be mindful to keep right and stay in the designated bike paths. Biking in Amsterdam is a great way to feel like a local.

We chose to rent a bike from Amsterdam Bike Company in Amsterdam Noord. There is less of a chance to impeding traffic and many bike trails make it easy to stay off of the road. However, map out what trails you will be taking ahead of time. Remembering how to get back is crucial, but if you get lost google maps is your friend.

Fun Things to See in Amsterdam

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Heineken Brewery Tour

This old brewery is an interactive experience with two free beers at the end. We have been to many tours of breweries and this one was the most intricate. It was entertaining and informational. It even ended with a virtual ride.

Fun Things to See in Amsterdam

Fun Things to See in Amsterdam: Take the Ferry to Amsterdam Noord (North)

Amsterdam is a large place to explore. The Buiksloterweg Ferry is a free ferry that travels to and from Noord continually throughout the day. The i amsterdam sign is there right now. Remember to do your research because it is moved and sometimes removed from the city.

Fun Things to See in Amsterdam

A’dam Lookout

Go to the top of the A’dam tower on Noord for fantastic views on a clear day. If you are feeling adventurous pay extra to do the swing on top of the building.

There is a bar on both the top and the middle floor to stop at. The patio bar on the top can get windy so bring layers. The patio has a DJ and a great vibe to hang out for as long as you want.

Fun Things to See in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Centraal Station

We flew in to Amsterdam and took the train to Amsterdam Centraal. This train station is massive and the architecture is gorgeous. There are many shops inside so if you are not taking a train you can still check it out.

Fun Things to See in Amsterdam

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Dam Square

This is the center of the action in Amsterdam. It is the home of the Royal Palace and loads of shopping. Wandering around Dam Square is a must for fun things to see in Amsterdam, especially if you like to people watch.

Fun Things to See in Amsterdam

Fun Things to See in Amsterdam: Royal Palace Amsterdam

Take a tour at this 1648 palace that was originally built as the city hall. The marble architecture on the inside is unique.

We took the audio tour throughout the Palace. There are many sculptures of Gods and their importance. We did the tour in about 1.5 hours and is great on a rainy day.

Fun Things to See in Amsterdam

Canal Boat Cruise

We took the Lovers Boat Cruise since there was a combo deal with the Heineken experience. This is an enclosed boat with windows all around.

The information was interesting, but this was my least favorite tour. An open boat cruise would be a better option if the weather is nice. The windows on this boat made it hard to get great pictures. Also it gets hot quickly since their is lack of air flow.

Fun Things to See in Amsterdam
Seven Bridges

Wander the Streets/Canal

Approximately 1,500 bridges and 60 miles of beautiful canals are in this one city. The amount of people that live in house boats is amazing Walking around is a great way to see the city.

We always enjoy picking something to walk to. You see so many sights along the way, and get to know your way around the city this way. The photo ops are unending.

Fun Things to See in Amsterdam

Park Favorites for Fun Things to See in Amsterdam

Parks are the best place to go to relax. They usually have bathrooms. However, they typically do not provide toilet paper. Therefore, don’t forget your own tissues if you need to go.

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Fun Things to See in Amsterdam: Vondel Park

Bring a picnic to this park and hang out for awhile. Many of the locals hang out here to get out of the chaos.

We took a leisurely stroll through here, and it reminded us of Central Park in Manhattan. There are many port a potties, but don’t forget to bring your own toilet paper. A stranger was kind enough to lend me some, but you may not be as lucky.

Fun Things to See in Amsterdam

Wester Park

We chose to run through this park one of our first mornings. It is not a large park, but has many restaurants and shops close by. It is a great place to stop for a morning coffee.

Fun Things to See in Amsterdam

Fun Things to See in Amsterdam Travel Essentials

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You will most likely come across a market because there is many throughout the city. Support local businesses by getting fresh fruit, flowers, meat and cheese for your stay. You will not be disappointed.

Fun Things to See in Amsterdam

Red Light District

Prostitution is completely legal in Amsterdam, and this is the spot you go to if you are interested in that. This part of town has all types of people and interesting shops. Watch out for pickpockets especially at night. Also, to respect their workers we thought it was best to not take any pictures.

We walked through this area two times. The first one was early in the evening and is highly recommended for those that do not want to see too much. The second time we saw people dealing drugs, women in scandalous outfits in their offices “the windows.” Beware after 7pm if you do not want to see these things.

Other Popular Things to Experience for Fun Things to See in Amsterdam

  • Anne Frank House
  • Rijksmuseum
  • Van Gogh Museum
  • Keukenhof Gardens
Fun Things to See in Amsterdam
Anne Frank House

Other Fun Places to See

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