Ultimate Guide for Things to See Breckenridge

From off scenic places, hiking trails, festivals to the best breweries this is an ultimate guide for things to see Breckenridge Colorado.

Located in Summit County this mountain town has a piece of our heart. They allow dogs almost everywhere and its laid back culture is great for any kind of a trip. You do not need to hit the slopes to appreciate this town.

We got married at the base of the mountain in 2015 and choose to go back every year. Get the most out of Breck with our tips for altitude, hiking, and things to experience in this mountain town.

Ultimate Guide for Things to See Breckenridge mountain

Conquer the Altitude with this Ultimate Guide for Things to See Breckenridge

The town sits at 9,600 foot elevation. Altitude is no joke and can make people severely sick. Some of the symptoms are dizziness, loss of sleep, and vomiting.

I have had my fair share of altitude sickness throughout my previous travels to the mountains. Drinking a lot of water, electrolytes, and eating carbs before you arrive is crucial (the carbs help you retain water). When we arrive in town it has become a ritual to get a pizza. The O2 Lounge has oxygen and Wifi if you find yourself needing to feel better instantly. They also have oxygen packs that you can buy at gas stations if the Lounge is closed.

Do not excessively drink alcohol or coffee. Both of those will dehydrate causing you to prolong feeling sick.

Let your body acclimate to the altitude with leisurely walks for the first couple days. Give your body 24-48 hours before you go on intense hikes or hit the slopes.

Main Street

This picturesque mountain town has a main street filled with shops, restaurants, old preserved buildings, and views from any angle. If you like shopping there is something for everyone. We love to stop in a few shops every time we visit.

Ultimate Guide for Things to See Breckenridge main street

Boreas Pass Road

This Scenic 20 mile+ drive takes you up to 11,481 foot elevation to an old railroad community located on the Continental divide. The road can be quite steep, windy, and rough. We believe it is the most beautiful in the fall when the leaves are changing. There are paths for hiking when you arrive at the top along with old buildings and railway cars to explore.

Ultimate Guide for Things to See Breckenridge views from Boreas Pass


Getting in to town before a festival is a fun way to spend your time in Breckenridge. They have festivals monthly and sometimes more like once a week. Most of the festivals have games, beer, live music and food. We have attended the Spring beer fest twice, one time was on the river walk and once on French Street. The summer beer festival was especially exciting because it is at Beaver Run Resort (where we got married). Most frequently we attended Oktoberfest they close down main street to all car traffic and the festivities are delightful. The other events you do not want to miss out on are the Ullr Fest, 4th of July celebration, Film Festival, Music Festival, Wine Festival, and the International Snow Sculptures Championships. For more information on all events go to http://www.gobreck.com

Ultimate Guide for Things to See Breckenridge festivals

River Walk Ultimate Guide for Things to See Breckenridge

The river walk has a wide side walk with gorgeous landscaping. You will find shops and restaurants along it. Occasionally there are local artists selling their crafts. This is the center of the arts district of Breck.

Ultimate Guide for Things to See Breckenridge river walk

Bike to Frisco

You may choose to rent a bike from many of the local bike shops in town. The Blue River Recreational path connects Breckenridge to Frisco. The elevation gain is under 900 feet and has one steep short hill. If you arrive in Frisco before 2pm reward yourself with a stop at Butterhorn Bakery. Their fruit and nut french toast is to die for.

Ultimate Guide for Things to See Breckenridge breakfast in frisco
Butterhorn Bakery French Toast in Frisco

Ultimate Guide for Things to See Breckenridge Mohawk Lakes Trail

Start this trail at the Mccllough Gulch trailhead for a 6 mile out and back hike. There are mine ruins, two lakes, and the largest waterfall in town (continental falls). This trail is moderate with some steep areas close to the top, but has stunning views the entire way.

Ultimate Guide for Things to See Breckenridge mohawk lakes

Ski Hill Road Overlook

This overlook has a small parking lot to pull off to on Ski Hill road. It shows the whole town from a different vantage point, and is a beautiful drive also. Occasionally there will be someone else enjoying the view they may be nice enough to take a picture for you.

BreckConnect Gondola

BreckConnect is a free 10 minute gondola ride starting at the base of town. It takes you up to peak 8 for skiing, restaurants, zip lining, rock climbing wall, alpine slide, suspension bridge, and more. Some people choose to just ride it up and down the mountain to take in the views

Broken Compass Brewery

This is our favorite brewery in Breckenrdge. Dogs can roam off leash, the three pepper ale is a must, and the outdoor space is a great place to make friends.

Car Boy Winery

Get out of the elements to enjoy any wine of your liking. This is a quaint laid back spot to try a flight of wine. We enjoyed an evening here when it snowed in May.

Carter Dog Park

Our two pups love this place. With mountains as the back drop we do too. It is under renovations currently, but should be done fall of 2019 to be better than ever.

Carter Park Trail

Just passed the dog park you will find stepping stones that lead to a trail. As you hike you will see panoramic views of Tenmile range. You will also find yourself around beautiful homes. There are many trails including Hermit Placer Trail and Sunbeam if this short hike is not enough.

Beaver Run Slopes Hike

Any month that Breckenridge does not have snow you can hike up the slopes behind the Coppertop Bar and Cafe. There are many ways it splits off and you create your own path. The views of town are to die for. This is a peaceful hike because many times you will not see anyone in sight. This is a perfect hike for someone who gets lost easily like me you can hike up the mountain as long as you want and you know you will be going the right way when you are going back down.

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